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Website Re-design

You may not need a NEW site!

Do you already have a website? Perhaps your site was built some years ago and it’s looking a bit “plain” compared to some of the new sites that you’re competing against.

A lot of the work that I do involves re-designing existing websites. This means that you don’t have to start from “scratch” again by upgrading your site. All of your existing “back-links”, connections, book-marked pages and corporate “branding” can be kept and built upon.

Search Engine Optimisation.

A great looking site is pretty useless if you don’t get any business from it, and the way to get business from your site is to ensure that the search engines include it in the results it returns when somebody searches for you or your business services.

This is particularly important if you are practicing in a heavily competitive region of the country as you can be sure that your competition will be constantly optimising their websites

I have a number of years experience in Optimising Websites for Hypnotherapists and have developed a number of plans for website owners who want to have regular SEO work carried out on their sites.

Easy Payment Plans

I offer a number of pricing plans to suit your budget and for nearly all of the sites that I design you have the option of a payment plan with a low initial payment followed by a Pay Pal Subscription that takes the balance over the next eleven months, so at the end of 12 months, you own the site.

Each of the site design pages has its own PayPal subscription details or you can also view the entire price list by clicking the button below.

Hello, if you need a website for your Hypnotherapy practice then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Paul Lee, an experienced Hypnotherapist & Web Designer based in Wolverhampton in the heart of the UK and am the preferred website designer for Hypnotherapists all over the UK as well as Internationally.

Because I understand the world of Hypnotherapy, the types of problems Hypnotherapists are regularly sought-out for and the different forms of Hypnotherapy used by different “schools”, I can design a site that will “capture” the most frequent searches.

Your clients will make a decision about whether or not to come to you for help with their problems in the first thirty seconds of “meeting you”, and the first place most of them are going to come into contact with you is on your website. Therefore, if your website design is “engaging”, easy to use and accurately reflects your personality, you will have already made a great start!

I offer a wide range of website designs to cater for all hypnotherapist’s budgets, including “Static HTML5” designs, Wordpress CMS sites and Mobile Specific Web pages for Smart Phone users.

Our sites start from just £199! See our Starter Site here


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My design portfolio for Hypnotherapists currently contains nine different layouts, each offering different features such as background images, video backgrounds, responsive layouts and so on.

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