Logo Design for Hypnotherapists

Logo Design is a key element in marketing and “brand awareness”, normally it is a simple design that is intended to convey a sense or feelings about the business or service being offered.

When Logo designers get it right, the essence of a business can be fully encompassed by the logo.

Logos fall into two basic categories, “Image” based logos and “Word” based logos, usually the name of the company.

Probably the two most well known logos that fit into these categories are:

Coca Cola Logo

Apple Logo

There is no doubt that both of these logos are completely recognisable and that you can conjure up many thoughts about the companies using them.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that we can produce a logo design as globally recognised as these two, we have produced many that our clients have been very happy with.

When we design a Logo we make use of one of the industry standard software packages called “Logo Design Studio Pro” which is specifically designed for the purpose.

Logo Design Studio Pro

Logo Design Studio Pro is the number one best selling logo design software on the market and is probably responsible for producing the vast majority of Logos you see on the net.

Coach Caroline Logo

home page logo


GB Hypnosis Logo JPEG

Business card front

Joan Lee Hypnotherapy Codsall Logo 2

Gainesville Temp Logo 300

Therapy Webs Logo 3

We have a simple one-rate price for Logo design which is £75.

Simply click on the PayPal button below to place your order, and we’ll get in touch with you to gather some basic design ideas from you about your logo.

This payment button takes a single payment of £75 for your Logo Design service.


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