This page contains all of the on-going renewals that you need to make.

Hosting and Domain Renewals – Domain Names

The cost to renew your website’s domain name depends on the Top Level Domain file extension. ( – .com – .net etc)

It is worth remembering that when you first buy a domain name that they are generally quite cheap to buy initially (sometimes as cheap as £5) but the renewal costs are always much higher.

The domain name sellers know that in most cases that you will have spent a lot of money on a website for that domain and will most likely pay the fees!

The payments below cover ONE years renewal license.

Domain Extension

Hosting and Domain Renewals – Annual Hosting

This is the cost to host your website on the servers that we use.

The annual cost is £50 but we have added a discounted price of £100 if you pay for three years hosting in one payment.

Hosting Period

You may have many reasons for wanting to transfer your website hosting away from us, we’ll be sorry to see you go, but thanks for all your support in the past.

In order to transfer your domain away, we have to carry out quite a bit of administration, so unfortunately we have to charge £50 for this service.

You can make this payment below.

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