Photoshop for Hypnotherapists

Our Photoshop services for Hypnotherapists is aimed at helping you to design a more ‘comfortable’ image for your own website.

How many times have we “jokingly” been asked by our clients if we can “photoshop” the pictures that they send us for their websites? We can tell you literally hundreds of times!

Many people really don’t like the way they look in their photos, but have you ever wondered why this is? (This is similar to the phenomenon that many people experience when listening to their own voice on a tape recording).

Photoshop Services to Counteract the Mirror Image Paradox.

Who ever really sees how they “actually” look? Well nobody of course. We only ever see ourselves in the mirror which is actually a reverse image of how we actually look. When we look at a photo of ourselves we are looking at an “actual” image of how we look, and how other people see us too.

One little trick that we have been using for many years is to reverse the images we get from therapists before we put them onto the websites. This way, the pictures we see on our websites are more like what we are used to seeing in the mirror, and that we are more comfortable seeing.

Photoshop man before and after

Hypnotherapy Websites has a number of advanced software tools such as Photoshop (by Adobe) that can “clean-up” and “enhance” images that we use on our website designs, so if you’d like us to “perform a little magic” with any of your pictures, then for a small fee we can carry-out some professional touch-up for you and send you some examples for you to select prior to being loaded onto your site.

If you’d like your main website picture “photoshopping” a bit then we’d be happy to do that for you for just £20 per picture. Simply send us the picture that you plan to use on your “About Me” page, we’ll get our graphics artist to touch-it up, and then we’ll send it back for you approval. If you like what we’ve done, please pay using our PayPal button below. If you don’t like it, then there’s no charge! (Please note the photo we send you for approval will be watermarked for copyright purposes but once you’ve paid for it, the copyright transfers entirely to you.)

Number of Photos

Photoshop watermarked pictures of woman before and after


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