Ultimate Hypnotherapy Website

Our ‘flagship” website design for Hypnotherapists is called the ‘Ultimate Hypnotherapy Website Design’ and is based on our own highly successful Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy website.

Over the years we’ve had so many website clients who said what they’d ‘really like is a site that looks like yours‘!

When I say that the site took years to build and has over 900 pages (and so would probably cost about £10,000 to reproduce) they understandably opt for something slightly less sophisticated!

This got us to thinking – why can’t we build a site that IS like our own site that can become our ‘flagship’ offering?

So now, at last, after several months of hard graft and design with the DIVI website system, we can at last offer a website styled and designed using design cues from our own.

Design Features

The Ultimate Hypnotherapy Website Design is absolutely packed full of features including:

  • 100% Mobile responsive
  • Yoast SEO optimised
  • Top quality images on each page
  • Designed to target Hypnotherapy specific searches for a wide range of common problems building on keyword analysis over the last 8 years and drive traffic to your business.
  • Optimised for geographic searches: Hypnotherapy for PROBLEM in YOUR TARGET LOCATION

Customisation Options

We have pre-built a wide range of customisation options into the basic architecture so that we can make some easy changes to styling without the need fro building the whole site from the ‘ground-up’. This means that you still get the highly optimised content and layout but can ‘tweak’ the styling to create the look that you want.

One Ultimate Design, One Price

That’s right, we’ve already done all of the hard work up-front, so included in your price are a selection of options to take the basic framework to another level – your level!

The price, including purchase of your chosen domain (if required), a full years hosting on our partners cloud servers and all your details flushing into the website, is £1,500.

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