Web Design Technology for Hypnotherapists

Web Design Technology, as with all technology, is in a constant flux, with new and more effective software, methods and philosophies emerging everyday.

During the lifetime of this website we have seen a major move towards designing fully responsive websites that can be viewed and used on Smartphones and tablets. In addition to this shift, website owners also want the ability to manage their own content without having to use the original designer to do the work.

For these reasons, Hypnotherapy Websites made the decision, in 2011, to move ALL website design to the WordPress platform.


WordPress is the original Open Source Blogging platform that is now a very popular web design platform. WordPress is browser Based enabling you to work on the site from any connected computer.


WordPress websites work within a Theme, rather like an “overcoat”, that provides the visual layout of the site. There are FREE themes as well as “Premium Themes” that can be very impressive indeed.


Why not get your website converted to WordPress and take advantage of both the Content management facility, as well as the possibility of upgrading to a premium design theme.


CMS, or Content Management System websites are those designs that allow the owner, rather than the Webmaster, to make content changes, such as new pricing structures, testimonials etc..


Responsive websites automatically re-arrange the website content and images to fit neatly onto the screen of whichever device is being used to view the site including Phones & Tablets.


By using WordPress combined with a fully responsive Theme, your website will be “loved” by Google for important SEO factors. Find out what SEO is all about here.

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