Responsive websites are those sites designed to re-arrange the page elements (including re-sizing pictures) to fit with the screen size that the site is being viewed on. This is essentially different to a website designed and built with a set of mobile optimised pages where two full sets of pages are built into the website domain.

Responsive websites for hypnotherapists - multiple devices

For certain website layouts it may be that you do not want the pages to re-arrange themselves as the site might lose its coherence, but if you are happy with how a responsive site deals with your content, then they do offer a very elegant solution.

When deciding on a wordpress theme for your new WordPress Website make sure that you identify one that is labelled as “Responsive” in the site description. ALL of the websites that we build are 100% responsive so choosing one of our designs means you’ll never have to worry about this potential problem.

Responsive Website Design Examples

All of the elements automatically re-locate or shrink down in size whilst keeping all of their ratio proportions whilst at the same time the site menu change to be suitable for touch screen devices.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Responsive Websites?

As with all trends in technology, differing views do emerge, but the general opinion about Responsive Websites is:

Responsive Websites on laptops

The Pros

  • One website for all devices – consistent appearance for users
  • Cost effective and easy to maintain
  • Adapts to any screen size

The Cons

  • Tend to be more expensive
  • Many potential website customers do not know they exist
  • Different mobile browsers can render the site layout differently

However, most people will agree that mobile users now account for an ever growing percentage of potential clients viewing your website, so whether you decide to opt for a Responsive website design, or have a Mobile Website Design, it makes a lot of sense to do something sooner rather than later.

Want to Know More About Responsive Website Design?

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