WordPress Websites for Hypnotherapists

If you prefer to have a more “hands-on” approach with your website and want the ability to make modifications anytime you like, then WordPress Websites are the answer that you’ve been looking for. Many of the World’s most famous brands and high-profile stars use the WordPress platform as their chosen software to showcase their products or talents, so you can be assured that WordPress Websites are definitely the way to go!

World Class WordPress Websites
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confused about wordpress websitesWordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) platform that provides you with a web based control environment allowing you to make any changes to your site that you want.

All the control of WordPress Websites is managed through the Admin Panel which is fairly simple to use and there are plenty of training resources on-line to help you do this if you need to.

We also offer a full day’s WordPress Training for those website owners who would like to become more proficient in the use of the WordPress platform.

With wordpress websites you do not need to own any software or FTP (File transferring software) in order to make any changes, and what’s more, you don’t really need to have any experience in “coding”, although if you do, you will be able to make significantly more changes to your site.

Once we have built the WordPress Websites we then provide all of the log-in details that you need to take control of the site, although some clients still prefer us to maintain the management of their sites for them by subscribing to our monthly website maintenance service.

The “out of the box” wordpress theme (currently “twentyfifteen) is relatively basic so the sites are normally enhanced by adding in professionally developed “themes” that significantly change the way the site looks and performs. Below you can see just 5 of our most popular Themes that we use to build wordpress websites for hypnotherapists, all of which are 100% responsive.

In general, these “premium themes” costs around £60 which is included in the cost of the website, although we do reserve the right to make an additional charge if you opt for a theme that costs significantly more. Hypnotherapy Websites use a range of Premium WordPress Themes which you can find out more about here.

Copywriting for wordpress websites

You have a couple of choices with the actual wording on your site, we can use standardised textual content or alternatively you can write your own text that we then “populate” into your pages.

Writing your own content helps to ensure that you get your “personality” into the site, but don’t worry if copy writing is a bit daunting, I can normally “edit” the content to ensure that it is grammatically well constructed and fits the current legislation regarding what can and cannot be claimed by the use of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy.

If you’re really struggling to get your pages populated, then pop over to our Copywriting Services and read about paying us to write your pages for you.

WordPress Websites work fantastically right “out-of-the-box”, but there is a whole industry dedicated to producing add-on programmes called “Plugins” which can extend the functionality of your site.

You can get plug-ins for just about anything that you want to do, but the most popular are:

  • WordPress SEO
  • Contact Forms
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Spam Protection
  • E-commerce
  • Calendars
  • Share Buttons
  • Photo Galleries

and many, many more!

A great many of these plug-ins are available totally free, although most offer payable upgrades for greater functionality and a few cost right from the start – but are generally well worth paying for. You can review hundreds  of WordPress Websites Plug-ins here.


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