WordPress Migration for Hypnotherapists


A growing number of our clients have been asking us about WordPress Migration for their existing websites, primarily so that the can manage their own content without the need for ongoing maintenance payments to their webmaster (or me in many cases!)

Another compelling reason for WordPress Migration is that a large number of WordPress Themes are “responsive” (automatically re-size for viewing on mobile devices) and so it also ensures that they pick-up mobile traffic that they may have been missing out on previously.

WordPress Migration Examples

Each of the websites below was, at one time, a Static Website Design but has now been converted – what is called WordPress Migration. Click on any of the images to view the site live.

Hypnotherapists who don’t have a Mobile Website Design or a Responsive Website Design are undoubtedly losing out on website traffic as users are more likely to skip their websites and search for a website that they can read and interact with more easily.

As a result of this fairly recent (probably only really since 2011/2012)  change in the Hypnotherapy landscape, we are now offering a service to convert your existing website into a Content Management System (CMS) WordPress Website which of course could also incorporate a responsive theme.

How Does the WordPress Migration Process Work?

The process itself can be quite complicated, particularly as most websites that have been around for a few years will have quite a number of “incoming” links from external websites.

What this means is that the new website pages must have the same URL and file extensions otherwise the search engines will see the website as NEW and re-start the ranking process from the start, which could mean losing years of PageRank.

This means that in most cases I need to view your current website to assess the amount of work involved before I can give you a reasonably accurate quote.

What Information is Needed for a Successful WordPress Migration?

The process we go down to convert your website is dependent on a number of factors, not least of which is for us to gain full access to your current website server, without this nothing can really happen. (If we encounter these types of problems we can transfer the hosting of your domain onto our hosting servers)

We will need all the server log-in details:

  • Hostname
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port number

In order to stop the Search engines indexing any duplicate page content as we build your new site, we will normally load the new site into a temporary sub-domain until such time as we have the complete article, at which point we will then transfer the new site into the root folder so that the old site no longer exists. You will get a chance to view the site before that happens.

It is important to understand that I will not be “replicating” the exact look of your website in WordPress as this would require me to create a unique wordpress theme in itself (which I do not offer at the moment), instead the conversion process is about keeping the content of your site the same, but building a new look around the content (the new “theme”) along with all the added functionality that a WordPress Migration offers you, including the ability for you to manage the content any time you wish.

Additional WordPress Migration Activities

As well as migrating your existing content into your new WordPress Website, we will also be adding some Plug-ins for functionality.

The plug-ins we normally configure from the starts are:

  • Yoast WordPress SEO
  • Anti-Spam
  • HTML on pages

Once your site is live and functioning as you want it to, you can start to explore many of the thousands of plug-ins that are available to enhance your site.

How Much Does WordPress Migration Cost?

Every website is, of course, different, although the principle driver of the cost is the number of pages that your current website contains.

Below we give a rough guide to the costs:

20 page website – such as our “Premium” website design – £500 + Theme*
30 page website – such as our “Custom” website design – £600 + Theme*

Also, if you already own a website designed by us you may wish to purchase WordPress Migration, then we do offer a discounted rate:

* Premium WordPress Themes cost around £60, but there are also a number of excellent FREE responsive themes, although they do lack some of the features of the Premium ones.

Ready for WordPress Migration?

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