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Our Hypno-Band Websites have been designed in collaboration with the creator of the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System John Maclean and are the officially licensed websites for Practitioners.

Whilst practitioners are in no way obligated to purchase one of these sites along with their license, the sites do carry the advantage that each website is linked to every other website designed and built by Paul, and thus get more than 100 web-links as part of the package!

This gives a head-start in the Search Engine Optimisation arena right from the word “go”.

Hypno-Band has totally re-energised the “weight loss hypnosis” market place over the last 5 years and with more than 900 officially licensed Hypno-Band practitioners in 39 countries there are more people entering “Hypno-Band”, “Virtual Gastric Band” or “Gastric Band Hypnotherapy” into search engines than just about any other search term for weight loss.

Unless your current website is well optimised for these search terms you could be missing out!

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Order yourself one of our dedicated & fully approved Hypno-Band Websites and you can be one step ahead of the competition because you will own a DOMAIN NAME with the term “Hypno-Band” built into it.

The Hypno-Band Websites retain all of the branding that can be found on the main Hypno-Band Website (www.HypnoBand.com) which helps to reassure your prospective clients that they are going to get the genuine Hypno-Band treatment.

Hypno-Band Websites Technologies

All of our website designs are now built exclusively using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), a form of “software” that is “loved” by Google because of its user friendly architecture.

Perhaps the most significant advantage to using WordPress is that website owners can, with very little learning required, add, modify and fine-tune all of the website content themselves through the user-friendly WordPress Admin panel.

Hypno-Band Websites Page Content

In order to provide a high level of confidence that your Hypno-Band clients are going to receive the properly authorised version of this weight loss technique, the wording is standardised around the “normal” approach advocated by John Maclean within the license agreement.

You may, of course, reflect your own approach to the system by writing your own content. If you prefer to do this, then please send me your page content which I will use accordingly.

Buying Options for Hypno-Band Websites

This subscription takes an initial payment of £195 with a further 10 payments of £30 each month thereafter to equal a final cost of £495.

The second option is a single payment using the payment button below. For this option we offer a discounted single payment price of £450.

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